2014: Lviv

On 10-12 of October, 2015 the international conference Veloforum was held in Lviv, Ukraine. It was aimed at two goals: to advance cycling as a form of sustainable urban transportation in Ukraine’s cites, and to facilitate democratization and community engagement in policy making by sharing knowledge and motivation among cities and activists. It successfully achieved the goals by attracting high-profile speakers and motivated participants from all over Ukraine, as well as from seven other European countries – Poland, Belarus, Czech Republic, France, Latvia, Finland and Belgium. With 152 speakers and attendees, the participation turnout exceeded the last year’s outcome by more than 100 percent. Anonymous post-event evaluation indicated that a vast majority of participants and attendees remained highly satisfied with the event’s content and organization


The total amount of people who checked in at the conference amounted to 152, setting a remarkable record for the Veloforum series. Ukrainian participants represented 23 cities, with largest delegations coming from the host city, Kyiv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Vinnytsia and Odesa. Seven persons came to Lviv to hear Veloforum presentatios from Belarus (Minsk and Brest), and three persons from Poland (Gliwice, Lublin and Rzeszow).  35 percent of Veloforum participants were women.

Evaluation results

Upon the end of the conference, all speakers and attendees were invited to fill out anonymous evaluation forms posted online, and 81 individuals did so (response rate 53 percent). 44 percent of those who evaluated the event said that the conference “fully met” their expectations, and 41 percent, that it “exceeded” them. In total, 85 percent of participants said they are happy with the event as a whole.  Over 90 percent remained very or generally satisfied with the quality of the venue, accommodation conditions, coffee breaks, working lunches, quality of guided bike infrastructure tours. As a result, 98 percent of the evaluation survey participants declared that they will surely recommend the Veloforum conference to their friends and colleagues, and 87 said they are either likely or absolutely sure to participate in the next Veloforum in 2015.

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