European Cyclists’ Federation invites you to VELOFORUM

European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF) headquartered in Brussels supports VELOFORUM since 2010. This year, several ECF representatives will be speaking at VELOFORUM in Ukraine, and ECF invites their members to attend the event in Kharkiv.

“The Ukrainian ECF member AVK – KYIV CYCLISTS’ ASSOCIATION hosts the 8th Annual International Cycling Conference “VELOFORUM 2016” in Ukraine, Kharkiv on October 21-23″, – says ECF’s website.

ECF site

This year’s topics include:

  • Cycling policy: national and local
  • Cycling infrastructure projects: best cases/particular solutions
  • Cycling activism: bottom-up approach, what we can do to boost cycling
  • Made in Ukraine: bicycle production and accessories

Every year VELOFORUM gathers up to 200 cycling activists, representatives of local government, transport planners and engineers, students, and cycling-oriented business. We are looking for inspirational examples, analysis of particular practical issues with recommendations for improvement, sharing of experience in any of the mentioned topics. The conference will include lectures from Ukrainian and foreign speakers (simultaneous translation Ukrainian-English available during the sessions); workshops; cycling tours; study tour to the bicycle production field; gala night and many other activities.

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Call for speakers

Veloforum 2016 Organizing Committee is calling for potential speakers from Ukraine and abroad to submit their applications. Individuals who understand Ukrainian are welcome to fill out our Google Form (you can fill it in English), all others are welcome to send their proposals via email to Viktor Zagreba, address:

In your message please include the title of your proposed presentation, its key points, links to supporting materials (PPT, reports, photos, videos), as well as your short bio and a photo. Submission are welcome by August 15, 2016.

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Veloforum brought together over 100 participants from 6 countries

Veloforum brought together 110 participants from 29 cities and 6 European countries: Belarus, UK, Germany, Poland, Serbia and Ukraine.

Saturday was extremely full of lectures and discussions on the development of cycling in cities of Ukraine and best practices from European cities.

On Sunday morning participants went on  three different cycling and a walking tour. The greatest admiration was caused by industrial cycling tour around quarries, mines, chasms and abandoned areas  located on the outskirts of Kryvyi Rih.

Many participants came to the conference with their bikes even despite the low temperature.

Wait for more professional photos, videos and presentations on the website  of Veloforum this week! If you have your photos, add them to the group in Facebook.

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Transfer to the hotel will be organized before gala dinner

The bus to the hotel “Druzhba” departs right after the Saturday program –  at 19:00. The participants will be able to leave things in the hotel, to change and return to the gala dinner. The bus from the hotel “Druzhba” back to the club “Behemot” (the one hosting the gala dinner) departs at 19:40, so we insist on quick registering in the hotel, leaving things and returning to the bus.

Please pay attention to the changes in the schedule of plenary sessions and parallel sections.

Please also note that because of the limited budget, accommodation will be covered only without early check-in to hotel. This means that we are waiting for the participants to come directly to the conference with their belongings.

See you in Kryvyi Rih!

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Send your project for the Veloforum Posters Exhibition

You are welcome to present your bicycle project on the Veloforum Posters Exhibition. The project should be presented as a poster with pictures, graphics, schemes and texts. The requirements for the posters is below (Ukrainian only).

The deadline for applying the posters is 4th of October.

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Changes in the program: morning coffee at 8:00 am, start of the conference at 10:00 am

Considering  that many participants from Western Ukraine arrive to Kryvyi Rig  at 9:40, the organizers decided to shift the start of the conference to 10:15 that will allow everybody to get to the conference on time.

For those who arrives at 6:05 and 7:46  friendly morning coffee will be working on the premises of the University from 8:00. The format of “morning coffee” is friendly and relaxed, so we encourage you to grab favourite delicious pieces (or  homemade yummies).

Registration starts at 9:00 and lasts until 10:00 (10:15 for those who came from Western Ukraine). Calculate your time of arrival to the conference accordingly!

The updated program is already published.

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Conference program is published

The complete conference program is now online.

We are looking forward to the presentations of our foreign speakers:

  • Jackie Lowe from the European Cyclists’ Federation (UK) – about the bicycle and large employers,
  • Katarina George,  urban planner – about  the concept of cycling cities in Germany,
  • Tomislav Panenich, Competence centre of Danube – about the bicycle routes that helped the Danube Region,
  • Alexander Wiacek – about the plan of sustainable mobility in Lublin,
  • Maciej Lubas – about the great cycle changes in the town of Svidník (Poland).

Ukrainian speakers will share the latest cycle discoveries in their cities:

  • Iryna Bondarenko from the Ukrainian Center for Cycling Expertise – about counting cyclists in 8 cities of Ukraine and developing cycling concepts  in 9 cities,
  • Anatoly Tsyrkun – about the pedestrian-cycle route across Ukraine “Vyshyvany shlyah”,
  • Olena Tokmylenko – about the data helping to change our city,
  • Mykola Vognyck and Volodymyr Melnyk – about the unusual bicycle hub, New Kyiv cycle track,
  • Maxym Malyk – about  the bicycle delivery and specialties of its organization,
  • Anna Atamanchuk – about bicycle parade of girls in 50s style (pin-up),
  • Bogdan Lepyavko – about the organization of cycling schools for adults in large cities,
  • Kseniya Semenova – about the development of modern cycling navigation (road signs) on the example of the recreational cycle route in Kyiv.

On Sunday the participants are welcome to join a walking tour or one of  3 bicycle trips.

Join us and invite your colleagues!  Registration is required.

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