The venue of Veloforum 2020 in Uzhhorod is the architectural monument of national importance “Sovyne Gnizdo” (“Owl’s Nest”) (address: Uzhhorod, 2 Ferentsa Rakotsi Str.).

The building was built in 1781. Initially, the premises were used for the storage of food and beverages, but after the liquidation of factory equipment, the brewery became a hotel, then – a specialized school and a carpentry school. After the connection of Zakarpattia with Czechoslovakia, a wine bar was opened in the “Sovyne Gnizdo”. By the end of the 70s of the last century, the brewery acquired the status of an architectural monument of national importance.

Now “Sovyne Gnizdo” is a venue for various festivals, conferences, fairs, and at the same time an incredibly popular tourist attraction.

More information about “Sovyne Gnizdo” is here.