Veloforum 2017 Fair

For the first time in the nine-year history of Veloforum, the team of organizers decided to conduct a fair. We evaluated the situation, and we feel – the market is ready. There is plenty of local producers and demand for their products grows dramatcally.

Veloforum 2017 team will evaluate all applications and select the best ones.

Which manufacturers are we looking for?

  • You produce goods or provide interesting services strongly related to Cycling topic;
  • Production is in Ukraine, or has Ukrainian roots;
  • You have not yet become a transnational brand, but have such ambitions 🙂

We expect to have up to 150 participants, half of which is precisely related to cycling business. The exhibition is a great way to find partners and retail channels.

Give us a note or call. We will gladly answer all the questions:

Roland Bairozian

Partnership coordinator Veloforum 2017

+38 (063) 376 0896; +38 (066) 764 6522


Denys Moliaka

City council relations coordinator Veloforum 2017

+38 (063) 433 4670