Registration for
Veloforum 2019 Vinnytsya

Conference participation conditions

Veloforum organizers warmly invite participants from countries beyond Ukraine, especially from Central and Eastern Europe. We believe it is important to build and strenghten bridges of cross-border friendship and cooperation between cycling advocates and cycling officials, and we suggest Veloforum as a great opportunity for this.

 In order to participate, please take three simple steps:
  1. Fill out the registration form on GoogleForms
  2. Receive an email with confirmation
  3. Pay the participation fee of 500 Ukrainian Hryvnia (slightly less than 20 Euro), if you are not a speaker.

Registered participants receive:

  • access to all conference events
  • meals and coffee breaks
  • gala-dinner on Saturday night
  • guided bicycle excursion
  • (we are working on securing funds from a donor to provide free hotel accommodation for all registered participants)

Most participants cover their travel cost on their own.

For speakers

Speakers and presenters need to pay 250 Ukrainian Hryvnia (slightly less than 10 Euro) registration fee and are eligible for travel reimbursment of up to 800 UAH. For foreign speakers, we may try to find other sources to cover their travel costs.

Participation fee grant

Organizers are able to accommodate some participants without paying the participation fee. First of all the audiences of this exempt are:

  • members and volunteers of U-Cycle (former Kyiv Cyclists’ Association)
  • representatives of local governments and municipalities
  • members of NGOs and advocacy groups from small towns
  • studens and researchers
  • other categories.

If you are eligible for participation fee waiver, please fill out a special field in the registration form.

Participation cancellation

Pre-registered participants can cancel their participation. In this case, they will receive their registration fee according to the following rules:

  • If participation cancelled before September 1, then 90 percent of the paid fee is returned
  • If participation cancelled before September 15, then 50 percent of the paid fee is returned
  • If participation cancelled after September 15, then participation fee cannot be returned.